MPO Canopus (version 10)

MPO Canopus v12 Initial Release Available

More than 150,000 asteroid photometry measurements producing more than 2,500 lightcurves published in more than 200 papers. More than two dozen binary asteroid discoveries. More than 2,500 double star measurements. More than 50,000 variable star observations. All these were done by just one person using MPO Canopus since its first release in 1999. There are untold numbers more when including the work of hundreds of MPO Canopus over the years.

MPO Canopus/PhotoRed is a complete package for astrometry and photometry. With it you can easily measure the positions of asteroids or other targets and perform photometry on just about any variable object. Combined with the supplemental program, PhotoRed (Photometric Reductions), you can transform raw instrumental magnitudes taken through one or more filters to standard magnitudes. This makes combining your data from night to night with that of other observers much easier.

MPO Canopus is a tried and true research-level tool for amateurs, small colleges, and even professionals.

Quick and Accurate Astrometry
Supports ATLAS, APASS, UCAC4, CMC-15
Gaia DR3 coming

Fourier Period Analysis
Solves up to three simultaneous additive periods

Moving Objects (MOS) and Variable Star (VSS) Searches
MOS sensitivity can be adjusted to find fainter objects or reduce false positives.
VOS uses amplitude and standard deviation search methods and plots lightcurves.

Photometric Reductions
With PhotoRed, you can find first- and second-order extinction, color indexes for a target and non-catalog comp stars, and standard mags (e.g., BVRI) for an object and the non-catalog comp stars.