About MPO Software

Free life-time technical support (i.e., Bdw Publishing life-time) comes with any MPO Software program. Updates and fixes are also free. On occasion there will be a nominal fee to upgrade from a previous version, usually from one major version to another.

MPO software is available only by electronic download.

MPO Canopus
MPO Canopus (v10.8)
Price: $50 USD

MPO Canopus was introduced in 1999 and has since been used by hundreds of amateurs, high school and college students, and even professionals to submit tens of thousands astrometry positions and publish thousands of asteroid and variable star lightcurves.


MPO LCInvert
MPO LCInvert (v11.8)
Price: $50 USD

MPO LCInvert is used by dozens of reseachers to perform "lightcurve inversion," which models the shape and spin axis orientation of an asteroid based on its lightcurves and/or additional sparse data from the wide-field surveys.


Buy both now and save
Canopus+LCInvert: $90