About MPO Software
Updated 2024 April 18

Version 12 MPO Canpous software is offered free of charge (Internet and data fees may apply) with limited restrictions.
One (or more) donations will be gladly accepted!

V12 MPO Canopus
The Version update is now available.

The release does not include all planned programs under the MPO Canopus umbrella. Multi-image asteroid and variable star photometry are fully implemented as is MPO PhotoRed. Programs in the MPO Launcher not yet available will be done as soon as is possible, but there is no firm date at this time, just "sooner than later."

Disclaimer: Testing was done using my converted v10 data, which I've carefully managed over time, as well as new data. Others may have unexpected "glitches" wtih v10 data that will be found only through extensive use.

Video tutorials for the two programs above are available as are several others on the MPO YouTube channel. However, tutorials are not available for a number of the operational programs. Those are being produced as quickly as possible. Subscribing to the YouTube channel allows you to be notified when new videos are available. Annoucements will also be made on the MPO Software forum on groups.io.

MPO software is available only by electronic download.

Free life-time technical support (i.e., my life-time) comes with any MPO Software program. Updates and fixes are also free.

Please don't take advantage of free support too freely. Use the MPO Software forum on groups.io first. Look for messages along similar lines and/or seek help and suggestions from others in the community. Thanks!


Version 10 MPO Canpous and MPO LCInvert are still available for those who are working in situations where moving immediately to version 12 is not practical, e.g., if the software is part of an educational curriculum. You can upgrade to version 12 at no charge if and when you want.

Version 10 is no longer being maintained, except when there is a critical bug.

MPO Canopus
MPO Canopus (v10.8)
Price: $50 USD

MPO Canopus was introduced in 1999 and has since been used by hundreds of amateurs, high school and college students, and even professionals to submit tens of thousands astrometry positions and publish thousands of asteroid and variable star lightcurves.

MPO LCInvert
MPO LCInvert (v11.8)
Price: $50 USD

MPO LCInvert is used by dozens of reseachers to perform "lightcurve inversion," which models the shape and spin axis orientation of an asteroid based on its lightcurves and/or additional sparse data from the wide-field surveys.