Summary Table Filtering Options
FilterField NameRange Low/QualifierRange High/Selection
Range High ignored if "Any"
 Diameter (km) 
 Taxonomic Class 
Range High ignored if "Any"

   e.g., (C,Cg,E)

"Use List:" select one or more items from the families list. If "Any" is selected, any other selected families will be ignored

Keep the ranges of a elements search as narrow as possible to avoid errors due to too large a subset, e.g., limit to a range of numbers.

S-M Axis
Low    High 

Low     High 

Low     High 

Group, not object, numbers preceed the ":"
 Albedo (pV) 
 Period (h) 

Blank Periods
applies only if Period filter chosen


 Max amp (p-p) 
 U (quality)
Range High ignored if "All"
 Tumbler Flag"Include:" objects with summary flags of "T", "T+", and "T?" are included. "Exclude:" objects with no "T" flag, except "T0" or "T-", are included.
 Binary Flag Include or exclude suspected and confirmed binaries
 Pole FlagInclude or exclude asteriods with pole solutions
  Max Rows: Please use "No Limit" wisely! Large result tables can cause server timeout.