Enter the search parameters for asteroids reaching brightest during the chosen month and year. In most cases, opposition and date of brightest are within a few days of one another. However, for some NEAs,the two dates could be weeks or months apart and the NEA could have up to three oppositions during a given apparition.

To avoid causing a server timeout when selecting all months for a year, make sure to apply one or more filters. "All" with no filters returns a maximum of 200 records.

The filters are applied with Boolean AND, i.e., all conditions must be met.

Table Filtering Options
Results are sorted by order of date of brightest
ValueRange Low/QualifierRange High/Selection
Name   Ignored if "Any"

Selecting "All" without filters limits the result set to 200 records.
Family/Group Group numbers preceed the colon
More than one family can be selected. If "Any" is chosen, any other selected families will be ignored.

The family list is based on Nesvorny et al. (2015) with additional families from the AstDys site as well as broad groups that contain objects not in the families.

See Section 3 of the LCDB Readme PDF for more information about families and a list of family numbers/names.
Favorable Favorable is one of the top five brighter apparitions between 1995-2050
CALL Status Filter by CALL notifications and/or submission postings
LCDB Status Filter by LCDB entries
Period Range  (h) (h)   One or both blank = No Filter
Mag Range 
Dec Range 
PhA Range 
Diameter  Maximum diameter (km)